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Update I am 19 and 12 on Spread bets and doing spread bets only througout right now so rates are going up anyone already on is subject to previous rate.


 NCAAF 30 Day Access

NCAAF Picks are highly regarded 


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Update : So far the picks and the stat service is so bad I am switching and right now I am not charging for colllege football.


 NCAAM Basketball Men's 30 Day Access

These are the best and most profiting plays I have. You will win continuously more often during the month than the other sports and you have seen what you get in the other sports. You will bounce back VERY quickly from a losing day.... These are the most profitable due to the high volume of bets and games that are avaliable and the hardest for the sportsbooks and linemakers to sharply predict and make spreads. You will love these and this package might become a cult favorite among bettors throwing the rest of the other sports seasons out the window and taking the profits of College Basketball since you will make more money here. This is the closest thing you will get to free money. The inferential probabilites in NCAAM Mens are rediculously stupid and it is a wonder the books even let one bet on them. Get this course and for you high rollers roll out to Vegas or Atlantic City and have the casinos treat you like a king and win like no other with my NCAAM package !!! You will be at the win window consistently and you will savor every memory you have till the books tell you " No More Action " and you go elsewhere ! Enjoy and try to be somewhat discreet and spread the bets out among books for longer play ! Most of all Look For Power Plays....






Prices are subject to change....




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