Professionally and Semi-Professionally Gambling for over 20 years. Came up both from academics and street. Currently in college and studying more intermediate to advanced mathematics as well as business and other subjects such as science, philosophy,psychology, and history. Looking at possibly getting a minor in sports analytics. Using mathematical and statistical methods that are time tested through the years to bring the best quality sports picks to customers and onlookers alike as in my free picks. My free picks are ONE OF MY PREMIUM, HIGHLY PROBABLE PICKS with the MOST VALUE I can give. That is only one.... I look for probability more optimally than value since value and betting markets are saturated with the same systems that once thrived only a few years ago. Do not get me wrong value is still VERY important but alot of games have alot of hidden probabilities that are very advantageous to even the recreational bettor that can really add a significant amount to your bankroll. Coming from Horse and Dog Handicapping for my personal self. I realized I was wasting time with a limited potential endeavor and after studying the Late Dick Mitchell endlessly for a year or more and taking one of his classes at the turn of the century. I realized that sports had alot more to offer with this new found skill I learned as I seen sports betting through a whole new set of eyes. End are the days throwing money at handicappers where some were good but alot were bad. I welcome you to try my picks and see for yourself the opportunites and rewards that lie ahead of you as you have the opportunity to be free of the perils of the past old methods that are outdated and dogmatized in which really favor the sportsbooks more than the players themselves. 


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